Android Pedometer app has been thoroughly tested on multiple devices to make sure everyone gets the best experience possible. We also constantly use the input from feedback of our users to improve the app.

Android pedometer app works with an energy-efficient service in the background of your phone. Some phones may stop the app from working when battery saving mode is on. Please exclude this app from battery saving mode in your phone settings.

In the device Settings go to:
1. Battery > Stamina Mode > Find Pedometer > Turn off “Stamina Mode” for Pedometer
2. Battery > Click the ⋮ sign on the upper right corner > Battery Optimization > Click the drop-down arrow and choose “All Apps” > Find Pedometer > Set it to “Don’t Optimize” > Done

If this hasn’t solved your problem or you need help in any other way please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you.

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